Welcome to the Helio experience citizen

We've been expecting you!

The Web 3 city that never sleeps, Helio City is a dream world called home by our adventurers where your experience is what you make it.

Our adventurers are not your normal bunch of builders we are VCS, Artist, Developers, Founders, a global community of people pushing the narrative.

Your experience with our brand starts with a welcome package, live event, as well as Season One of our community exclusive Connect 2 Earn experience. With so much more adventure in store.

Season One of Connect 2 Earn is the first step towards building the experience of a lifetime for our holders. Entirely in Discord season one starts just hours after reveal, it is our intention to develop a lifechanging experience for the brightest minds in our community.

Lessons will be learned through every experiment. This is how we build our Metaverse, the right way.

In Helio we are shaping the culture, your citizen is you.. You own the IP.

A completely hand drawn collection you will find beauty in each of our 4 characters. Our art is inspired by a combination of the magical world built by Walt Disney, Japanese anime-manga, & web 3 culture.

Built on the backend by a fierce core team of crypto OGs, in Helio we care deeply about this space and are not here to build yet another NFT project of zero subtance & zero value. The fundamental ethos of our web 3 brand is transparency, authenticity and integrity.

We're here to build an exciting experience in while making incredible connections with others that are excited about making an impact. We are fueled by a burning desire to deliver massive value to a community that will reignite their love for NFTs.



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